Saturday, May 7, 2011

Walima Invitation Card Text

How to get to the NGO and the NGO store


COMO LLEGAR A LA Ong EN Ubud Kupu Kupu

Dirección de la Ong (Road Indonesio significa en calle)

Kupu Kupu Foundation Jalan Tirta Tawar

N. 22 A

Kutuh Kelod

Banjar Ubud

Dirección de la Tienda, Kupu Kupu Gallery

Kupu Kupu Gallery

Road Ubud, en Frente del Banco BPD, Entre una y Tienda de Internet que tiene un cartel grande en Rojo Amarillo y de comida y un cafe local, just as does the street corner with Jalan Jalan Raya hanom.

How to get to the NGO

If you stand on the street Jalan Raya where is the palace and follow all this street to Peliatan and address the Neka Gallery, you're walking down the sidewalk on the left hand follow the entire road to the Neka Gallery (which also got past our store that is on the sidewalk, Kupu Kupu Gallery) and follow until you reach the Neka Gallery, you pass the Neka Gallery, the first street on the left that is the street Jalan Tirta TÁWAR which is where the NGO, follow this road a little up and right when you finish the climb is a temple to the right and in front of the temple is the NGO, there will be a sign that reads Yayasan Kupu Kupu.

If vinierais with the car for example from Kuta and Ubud entrarais Peliatan through, when you get to the big statue that is in the right when you start crossing the street Jalan Raya Ubud, if you get all that street is going to to the palace and the Ubud market, after passing the Bank BCA is on the sidewalk on the right, just past the Bank, the first street on your right is the street is Jalan Tirta TÁWAR Street NGO, follow the street up and in front of the temple is the NGOs, there is a sign that says Yayasan Kupu Kupu on the sidewalk on the left.

How to get to our store Kupu Kupu Gallery

If ye walked from the Palace of Ubud on the main road, Jalan Raya Ubud, go towards Peliatan and as you go along this street you will find the beginning Jalan hanom there at the crossroads, just this store, in front of BPD Bank, on the sidewalk of the left hand and between an Internet store and a local warung food.

The shop is located at the intersection of Jalan Raya Ubud Street and Jalan hanom street in front of BPD Bank


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